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Updated: Jul 28, 2022

Andreas Reinisch Perdicaris

The Portuguese government has presented recently a proposal for reviewing visas of those who have not found a job, but intend to move to Portugal, even if temporarily.

It was an old measure that has never left the paper and was confirmed in documents delivered to the parliament. In theory, after budget approval, it will be ratified and might be voted in July.

In practice, the Portuguese government has proposed short-term visas with the aim of finding jobs in addition to cutting the risk of immigrants staying irregularly in the country, once for Brazilians it is more common entering the country as tourists.

Some stay illegally until getting a contract that opens the doors for regularization. However, the process is bureaucratic and limits the rights in the country.

To solve the issue, the government proposes the creation of a temporary short-term title that would allow immigrants looking for a job to enter Portugal legally.

Furthermore, the government intends to adapt the consular service to a new inmigration reality, simplifying and speeding up the mechanisms regulating the residence of foreigners who work within the Portuguese society and contribute to social security.

The idea is to implement a mobility agreement within the Community of Portuguese Speaking Countries, enabling hiring people from other countries in specialized areas, such as technology.

Portugal will always be the entrance door to Europe and shares a huge synergy with Brazil for historical reasons. The economy between both countries is booming and reveals a positive attraction for both sides. Portugueses in the middle of the pandemics, in lockdown, kept a growth rate in the range of 2.5%. Exports of Brazilian commodities is also another parameter to consider. Last year, just to have an idea, Brazil exported over 147 million dollars in soy; among other items. A surplus in the balance of trade of US$828.4 million with Brazil. This is to say, there is a favorable environment in Portugal to receive Brazilians, aiming to strengthen this bilateral relationship.


Andreas Reinisch Perdicaris is Executive Director of the Xplore Group, a business solution company for individuals or companies, immigration consultancy (Green Card and citizenship), tax services, and company internationalization.


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