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Many people do not know that most descendants of Italian immigrants are entitled to the Italian citizenship. But what is missing for this recognition? A request!

Yes! With a request, after preparing the process, you and your family can become Italian and European citizens – holders of the third best passport in the world, according to Forbes Magazine in 2022.

The advantages of becoming an Italian citizen are numerous, from making it easier for Italian citizens and their relatives to study, live and get medical care abroad to the connection with your ancestors and possibility of going around all over the world as well as doing business.

It is easier, for example, for holders of an Italian passport to do business in the United States, with the possibility of being granted with a visa for living and working in the country – just for being an Italian citizen! And if they are only interested in tourism, they do not even need a tourist visa.

Our company, in partnership with one of the greatest companies of Italian citizenship in Brazil, which has many years in the market, thousands of processes already completed and satisfied clients, relies on a great team to work on the process of Italian citizenship of your family both in Brazil and in Italy.

The process for getting Italian citizenship follows some steps and we divide them into “Brazil Step” and “Italy Step”. In the former, we carry out the case study, research and search for documents, rectification of names (if necessary), translations and apostilles of the whole documentation.

In the second step, we start the process in the Italian legal system with the aim of having the family’s right to citizenship recognized. Just remember that the process can be both from maternal bloodline and paternal bloodline.

The whole process, counting from the protocol in Italy, takes UP TO 02 years, and the preparation of the “Brazil Step”, about 60 days.

That is to say, in 02 years, you and your family will become – not by naturalization – but full citizens, because you have blood Italian descent, and you will be recognized as such with all the existing advantages.

And do not worry, our team counts on researchers, genealogists, and we have access to the whole database of Italian citizens that immigrated from Italy to Brazil since the first immigration trip –the consultation is free, and we will only start the process if we are 100% sure that your citizenship will be recognized and your Italian passport will get to your hands!

Connect with your past, search for your roots, invest in your family’s future, and RELY ON US!


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