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Truex Business meets the needs of Brazilian business owners who are after better orientation to assist with their business in the United States.

We provide business owners and entrepreneurs who plan to expand or start a business in the United States with Market Research and Strategic Planning.

We develop projects that are tailor-made for each and every single client, since we believe there is always a niche our clients can exploit in the North American market. What really counts is to know this niche to best position the brand in it.

No matter the size of your company, it is always possible to create a research project that fits its needs.

Making the decision to start a new venture is getting increasingly harder due to strong competition and to a more demanding market. Thus, it is paramount that market research is used as a tool to reduce the risk of failure.

Researching the market is every entrepreneurs’ most important duty. Research should be the main topic in a business plan. The future of a business cannot be risked based on "guesswork". We are in the age of information, so well-done research is the best path to success.

Whenever we break into new markets, we need reliable information to make the best decisions about our company’s investments. For this reason, it is important that we trust such information and that it is of good quality. This is precisely where Truex Business comes in.

Our methodology allows us to search for information no matter where it is, using specific tools and a lot of creativity, which is our company’s competitive advantage.

We carry out all types of research in the United States.


– Study of consumption behavior

– Ethnography

– Consumer profile

– Market segmentation

– Concept, name and packaging tests

– Brand penetration

– Study of the competition


– Behavioral study in social media

– Monitoring of online consumption behavior

– Study of B2B and B2C e-commerce


– Monitoring of Points of Sale

– Study of opportunities at points of sale

– Geographical study and sociological profile for opening new points of sale

– Mystery Shopper


– Collection of information required to obtain licenses

– Regulatory procedures

– Legal procedures

– Tax research


Subject-centered market research only seeks specific information, without the need to research the entire market, aiming to validate an idea or a business model.

For each type of situation there is a subject-centered research to be used. These are the main ones:

Procurement – subject-centered research through which we can find specific products, special suppliers, potential customers or competitors.

Focus Group – we bring your product before the desired target audience and analyze its acceptance and impact.

Research of POS – prospection of commercial properties available for purchase or lease, values, technical specifications, regulations, in addition to a demographic study of its surrounding region.

Subject-centered market research results in less expensive projects, in addition to providing only the information necessary, at the time you need it.


Will my business succeed in the American market?

That is the one-million dollar question everyone wants to know be able to answer.

Truex Business will seek all information needed so our clients can answer that very question and make their decisions.

Transparency and honesty are two elements that are critical to this answer. We retrieve credible and clear data to enlighten our clients, not to confuse them.

In possession of all this information, clients will be aware of the probability of success of their business in the United States.

Investing in this research is way better than having any unpleasant surprises after starting the business.


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