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Portugal is one of the European countries that most links professional activities to the minimum wage. But how does a citizen who earns a Portuguese minimum wage live?

Currently (2022), the minimum wage in Portugal is 705 Euros which, taking into account the cost of living in the main Portuguese cities, is not a good salary – especially with the rise in property values in the last 3 years, added to the pandemic period, the global inflationary crisis after the health emergency, as well as the recent war conflicts in Europe.

According to the Portuguese National Statistics Institute – INE, the average salary in Portugal in 2022 is 1,326.00 Euros gross. This is due to the fact that people with higher education earn higher wages, which causes the national average to rise.

Comparing with the Brazilian minimum wage, a Portuguese monthly salary buys, in 2022, 417 dozens of eggs, while with the Brazilian minimum wage, only 175 dozens are bought. Our Portuguese brothers buy 1410 liters of milk, while we only buy 403.

Of course, with an average Portuguese salary, you live well, as long as you know how to choose the region where you live, as we know that the country has quality public services, sometimes free and sometimes at affordable prices.

However, we always warn that those who want to explore new horizons and emigrate, keep in mind all the expenses necessary for the life of their family. It starts with rent, goes through food, clothing, transportation, health, leisure, always thinking about emergency reserves for fortuitous cases.

In short, if you think of a more minimalist life in Europe, living on a minimum wage in Portugal is, yes, possible – and with quality of life! The golden tip is, once again, to look for smaller and cheaper cities.

Among the best paid careers in Portugal, the Information Technology area is the best paying, reaching 10 thousand euros per month. In contrast to the minimum wage, with that value, you can live very well in any region of the country – or Europe!

If you want to do a good immigration planning to Portugal, know that we have a complete consultancy in the area, with an office in the capital, Lisbon, to serve you in the best possible way.


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