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We can help you to suit the best structure and country for you and your investments.

An offshore holding company is a company established in a country/territory with tax incentives and many other benefits. These companies are usually incorporated in other countries, different from the one in which their main investors live. Offshore holding companies are often formed to hold shares of the assets of an account or other company. The Offshore Holding Company can be used for various purposes, such as financial investments, holding equity interest in other companies, owning real estate, etc. The Offshore Holding company structure is usually established as an international business company (IBC). The Offshore Holding Company trades, opens accounts, invests, and participates in financial transactions like a regular legal entity. Nevertheless, it is important to know about CFC tax obligations when establishing a parent company in a foreign country as it could help you reduce tax issues when establishing an Offshore Holding.


  • Tax exemption - Special tax incentives

  • Financial privacy

  • Personal information and property protection

  • Separation of feasibility from parent company

  • Flexible structure

Best offshore jurisdiction There are many countries where you can open an offshore holding company. Here are a few best offshore jurisdictions for incorporating your company:

  • British Virgin Islands

  • Cayman Islands

  • Panama

  • Belize


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