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Do you want to dwell outside? See how to plan for the dream not to turn heavy

Without knowing the cost of living and the financial reality in my new country of residence, and with more difficulties to enter the job market, more Brazilians are not managing to stay in their chosen place

The rate of Brazilians who left the country and did not return in 2021 was the highest in the last 11 years, second survey of the Federal Police. In 2021, 17% two residents will leave Brazil and will not return. In 2010, when the survey began to be completed, the rate was 7% and in 2019, 5%. But the number of times the dream of migrating turns heavy, it increases and the lack of financial planning is among the main reasons.

The verification is from the Voluntary Return and Reintegration Support Program of the IOM (International Organization of Migration). According to the entity, without being fully aware of the cost of living and the financial reality in the new country of residence, and with more difficulties to enter the job market, more people are not managing to stay in the chosen place. And in some cases, you come to face a lack of money to go back to Brazil. An expressive plot of this portrait comes from Portugal, where the Brazilians are the largest foreign community, with about 250 thousand people. In 2022, the number of Brazilians in Portugal who will request help to return was 1,051, which means that the requests will quadruple compared to 2021, when there are 288 cases. Every month, about 80 people enter the OIM program. About 53% of the two who need this type of help are women. Of all those who seek support, 92% are Brazilians in a situation of extreme vulnerability. Of the total of orders, only 394 will return to Brazil with the help of the device. International mobility needs to offer good advice and show that, since planning, the move has everything to be an optimal business", says Marta Mitico, founding partner of BR-Visa and president of Abemmi (Brazilian Association of Immigration and Mobility Specialists International).

How to set up an efficient financial plan to live abroad?

Real X Dollar X Euro

One of the first two factors to look at is the position of the real in relation to other strong foreign currencies, such as the euro and the dollar, alert a specialist.

Not accumulated in 2022, the American currency registered remains at 5.32% against Brazil, which places the performance of the real among the most positive against the dollar for the year, among the main currencies accompanied by Value.

The appreciation of the real is due, mainly because of its high level, to two countries in Brazil. Ainda so, or global environment aponta for the strong dollar. In expectation for the non-finim dollar of 2023, it was held at R$ 5.25 in the last Report Focus, of the Central Bank (BC) — disclosed all the second-feiras. For 2024, the median estimates for the North American currency have a slight adjustment downward, from R$ 5.30 to R$ 5.29 between one week and another. By 2025, it will remain at R$ 5.30.

Seeking to understand this dynamic is important so that the process of devaluation of reserves does not begin to consume purchasing power before the very departure itself, says Marta Mítico.


Even so, it must be included at the inflation rate in the country of destination. Countries that attract many Brazilians, such as the United States - the main destination for Brazilians - and Portugal, have faced problems in this sense. In the USA, inflation dated 2022 was 6.5%, confirming a slowdown process, but still weighing on the population. In the first quarter, inflation was close to the highest level in 40 years, or the lowest level since the oil shock in the late 1970s.

The general rate of inflation in Portugal was 7.8%, a significant increase compared to 1.3% in 2021. Since 1992 there has not been an annual variation of inflation that high, according to the National Institute of Statistics (INE).

For more than two official data, it is worth investigating the perception of who is already living in the intended location. InterNations, an online community that connects 4.7 million people who live outside their country of origin, gathers various information and conducts research that can be useful in decision making. One of them, for example, shows that New Zealand is the second worst country in the world for a foreigner to live, just behind Kuwait. The financial difficulties of the people in the country of exuberant landscapes are worse than anywhere else in the world and about 30% of the two foreigners living in the country consider their economic situation in a negative way — this number is, on average, 21% . Rent

Another important point is the price of real estate and rents.

To exemplify the size of the disbursement, the Xplore Group calculated the basic monthly costs in the three most popular cities for residence in the US, based on the month of December, a period in which the consultancy registers demand from engineers, entrepreneurs, investors and liberal professionals who are preparing to move due to the closing of the school year.

In a scenario where adults are between 35 and 50 years old, with at least completed higher education, and, on average, two dependents and who choose to migrate to Miami, this family will spend about US$ 4,600 on rent for a three-bedroom house and another $156 for light and electricity per month.

In New York, rent does not cost less than US$ 7,150 and electricity and water charges are around US$ 180. In Austin, Texas, renting a property with the same characteristics requires an outlay of around US$ 4,100 and another US$ 161 for electricity and water.

Of course, there are different standards of housing and location also counts in the rental price. For this reason, BR-Visa recommends using the website to see the price differences between different countries and cities to find out what the cost of living will be. family will have to pay in the desired country.

"Especially for the first months, one should take into account a projection of expenses on average for indispensable services such as food, electricity, heating, heating, water and garbage, for example. This does not include other expenses with internet, transportation and movable property" , guide Mythic.

On the other hand, she recalls that countries with a good network of public services can generate important savings, such as free education and health and little spending on public transport.

Conscious Choice

The reasons for looking for a new country are different: fulfilling a dream, experiencing new opportunities and even disenchantment with Brazil are some of them. Regardless of the motivation, the departure to the new country must be based on a conscious choice for the project not to founder, according to Andreas Reinisch Perdicaris.

The director of the Xplore Group says that there was an acceleration of the search for the US visa application service in the three weeks following the end of the presidential elections. "The search for a new home in another country should not be considered solely for political reasons. Other critical factors need to be considered before making a life-changing choice. On many occasions, people take risks when they are emotionally involved that jeopardize their immigration objectives", he comments.

Nor can one forget the expenses generated by the departure from Brazil. It's not just the price of tickets, but also the termination of services here, payment of any bills and debts and, of course, the expense for all the documentation necessary for moving, which varies according to the destination.

SOURCE: Valor Investe


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