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There are some factors that, if we look carefully, might assure a good business.

Check the 3 tips we picked up:

1. Know the rules

Before renting a place, you should know that there are rules one must follow, and any disregard could be punished.

For example, there are regions where it is not allowed to rent a place for the season, only for living.

If a tourist rents a place anyway for a short stay and local authorities are informed, s/he will have to leave the place even before the contract ends.

There is as well a maximum number of people who can live in a house, according to its size and number of rooms.

Still, pay attention to the rules of the condominium, quiet hours, authorization for pets, among others.

2. Learn about the management company

Before signing a rental agreement in the United States, learn about the management company, office or real state agent involved.

After all, if there is any problem or need for repair during your stay, that is the person or company you will deal with.

If the management company has an office close to the house you intend to rent, it is much better.

So, if you need any service or attention, you will count on team members faster.

Of course, you can rent it without the help of an intermediary, but it is not always the best choice.

In this case, if you have any problem, you will have to deal with the landlord without relying on the support of a professional properly prepared to do so.

3. Compare prices

An attempt to save money could be expensive in the end.

For example, houses in open condos generally are less expensive, but you will not have the same safety with security cabin, gates, walls, and surveillance.

Compare the prices in the region where you intend to rent a house, and if you find something really below average, raise a red flag.

It means that the quality of the property or its location is not as good as you think.

When renting for the season, remember that the landlord is responsible for services, but you must pay the fee for the cleaning that will be made after you leave.

May your experience in the “dream land” be unforgettable, we hope the suggestions above will help you.


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