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Updated: Jun 17, 2022

The prediction of calmness in the American economy has increased future investments in the US, states consultant.

FERNANDO HESSEL - Casa Branca | Washington, DC

WASHINGTON, DC – According to official data by the U.S. Department of State, the country granted 120,652 visas for Brazilian between January and February this year. That is to say, a higher amount than the total amount of visas granted in 2021, 113,123. Moreover, B1/B2 visa – for tourism and business in US – is the most common among the Brazilian population, reaching 63,763 visas granted in February.

A forum is being held by the Xplore Group in the main cities of Brazil to discuss the US economic recovery in the post-pandemic international scenario. The event will cover in details the recent announcement of the American government promising green card analysis in only 15 days. “The American government has announced recently the possibility of speeding up the analysis of EB2 visas in only 15 days to applicants of national interest. This process used to take about 1 to 2 years. Lawyers and immigration specialists in the United States will extensively explore the details of this new policy in these Xplore Immigration lectures. This specific visa is for those who have a graduate degree, master, PhD, and bachelor’s degrees”, points out Gislene Leite from Xplore Immigration Law Firm

Throughout the meeting, besides immigration, three business branches will be addressed by the group companies specialized in taxation, mobility and business; those are the words of Andreas Perdicaris CEO of the Xplore Group.

"It is certain that the US has felt the negative reflects of the international economy with high inflation, but we estimate we will have an immediate accommodation after this peak of 8% in the last month. There is trend towards a fall due to Joe Biden’s many support economic packs in infrastructure”, states Perdicaris.


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