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Updated: Jul 12, 2022


The group was founded in 2020 and offers migration consultancy for individuals and companies, acting in three business branches: Compass Mobilities, Phoros Tax, and TrueX Business. Furthermore, it has an exclusive partnership with the legal office Xplore Immigration Law Firm.

Compass Mobilities

Compass Mobilities was created with the aim of helping individuals and companies interested in accomplishing expatriation and internationalization process to several countries, such as the Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, Greece, Poland, among others. We have highly qualified professionals and a partnership with a competent legal office in the USA.

Phoros Tax

Phoros Tax relies on professionals who have over 18 years of experience in international taxation and tax services. We are focused on offering complete solutions in accounting and tax consultancy, in a differentiated and personalized way, for individuals and companies.

TrueX Business

A TrueX Business is a business booster working worldwide. Our goal is to enable our clients’ success in a structured and differentiated way, working with efficacy, credibility, and 360° vision. We are recognized for providing with excellence and quality services of market intelligence, strategic consultancy, merge/acquisition, franchising/licensing, investments, import/export, among others, at a global level.

Xplore Immigration Law Firm

Legal office specialized in providing services to foreigners, immigrants and companies in the United States in terms of immigration, such as employment and family-based green cards, citizenship and naturalization, employment visas and student visas.

USA has employment visas left

The United States are facing a crisis of lack of workers, making easier the entrance of foreigners. The Citizenship and Immigration Service — USCIS — issued an unusual alert: “There is an exceptional number of employment-based visas available for this fiscal year (October 2021 to October 2022). We are committed to using all of them. There are more visas available for 1 and 2 categories than pending processes. If you are eligible, please, consider to apply”.

Both categories assure permanent residence in the country through the Green Card and are designed for professionals with extraordinary abilities (EB-1) or above the average (EB-2) in areas such as science, art, and business.

Every year, the USA establishes a quota of approvals. If the total quota is not used, it is left for the upcoming year. Once the pandemics has made difficult the analyses, there were fewer approvals. Thus, 280 thousand employment green cards should be offered, twofold the average of the previous years.

Xplore Group was founded in 2020 and has over 50 employees.

Meet the company partners:

Cesar Coutinho

Mechanical engineer, business administrator, majored in marketing administration with over 35 years in national and international corporations, doing business as an entrepreneur in these companies and after in startups, always contributing to his experience in the management of changes, strategic and commercial alliances, and business internationalization in the past seven years in the United States.

Isabelle Colombo

Majored in international relations by DePaul University, in Chicago, with a paralegal certificate by the University of Miami. She has over ten years of experience in the financial sector in the United States, abilities in the area of business development focused on markets in Latin America.

Gislene Leite

Majored and graduated in translation and interpreting, she worked for the United States Department of State for over 20 years, where she acquired vast knowledge of immigration laws and American citizenship.

Andreas Reinisch Perdicaris

Majored in civil engineering by the University Mackenzie-SP, in accountancy by UniSantos-SP, MBA in international business and foreign trade by FGV-SP. He has IAA certification – investment autonomous agent and paralegal certificate by the University of Miami.

Jean Novack

Majored in business administration by the University Mackenzie-SP and in data processing by Fatec-SP. He has a graduate degree in project management by FGV-SP, MBA in business by USP and certificates such as SIE and 0215. He has over 10 years of experience in the financial market focused on calculation, result reporting and projects.

Lily Escobar

Majored in finances and international business by Baylor University, Texas, she got her Juris Doctor in the South Texas College of Law. She has lawyer license (BAR) of Texas and works with cases of immigration to the United States.



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