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Moving to any new place is really an act of bravery. Congratulations if you have made this decision and if it has been planned. Talking specifically about Orlando, some geographic characteristics of the city lead you to make your decisions right away. For example, there is practically no city bus routes, thus, the use of a car is essential to moving around the city on a daily basis. This is a classic example for those moving to Orlando, but we will cover other aspects as well.

Cars: the market for buying and selling cars is very similar to Brazil. However, the famous Dealers – multi-brand car shops – are the most acceptable for newcomers. For financing it, many lenders will only ask for your passport, although interest rates are higher, it might be worthy at first. There are also new car dealerships, but requirements are more stringent, such as a down payment and a proof of income. The great advantage of the U.S market is that prices are much more affordable for the population, once the dollar is worth more, anyone can afford cars, which are really coveted by Brazilians at a fair price. Therefore, the first important hint is to buy a car for driving around in a faster and safer way.

Residence: Orlando might be the city with the greatest variety of houses and apartments in Florida. All sizes, tastes, and pockets at the disposal of those coming to the city. If you have just arrived, you can search for a specialized realtor or even go directly to condominiums, which have their own commercial structure. The real estate market might also require deposits in advance, depending on the negotiation with the landlord. For this reason, if you want to live in Orlando, having a Green Card should be in your plans, because it is easier to gain the landlord’s trust who might demand less deposits from the tenant, precisely because the landlord understands that this is permanent.

Driver’s License: they are issued by a government agency called DMV. Brazilian tourists can drive for up to 180 days with their Brazilian CNH. If you already own a car, regardless of being a student, a tourist, or an immigrant (Green Card), it is mandatory that you get your local driver’s license. Costs range from state to state, but specifically in Orlando fees range from U$50 to U$70 dollars, including the theoretical and practical test. The minimal age also varies according to the state, but in Orlando one can get his/her driver’s license at 15 years old with some rules though.

Mobile phone: one of the easiest things to buy in Orlando is a mobile phone and a chip. There are operators with prepaid and postpaid plans, very accessible to every user’s profile. Just pay attention to the model of your mobile phone because sometimes it is not compatible with the U.S chips. Ideally it is better to buy a mobile phone with an U.S chip, so you have a better experience in using it.


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